A motorcycle jacket is one of the safety clothing required by a motorbike rider. This jacket should always be kept in good condition by cleaning it regularly. Leather boots, suits, jackets, and trousers are costly items. This means that extra effort should be made in maintaining their beautiful finish. High-quality leather jackets can easily crack and dry out if they are not properly cared for.

The process involved in conditioning and cleaning your motorcycle gear is very simple. Additionally, well-maintained jackets are easy to put on and very comfortable to wear. You are supposed to strictly follow the ideal time set for cleaning a leather motorcycle jacket. These jackets should be cleaned after every 3-4 months.

The cleaning process

The following are the different stages followed when cleaning a motorcycle’s leather jacket.

Initial cleaning

Before cleaning your jacket, you are supposed to find a convenient place for hinging your leather jackets. A coat hanger should be used for hanging these jackets to ensure that enough space is left for work. The cleaning process should start by cleaning the jacket with hot soapy water in a bowl. Washing up liquid or harsh detergents should always be avoided. Instead, you should use mild soaps which are similar to shower gels. The jacket should then be wiped down by the use of a microfiber. This is done to ensure that the jackets are completely clean. All the dirt signs should be removed during the cleaning process.

Drying the jacket

Once the cleaning process is over, the jackets should be left to dry. This is done by leaving the jackets in an open space or area to dry naturally. A tumble dryer, a heated appliance or a hair dryer should be avoided. Most people are tempted to use these appliances to speed up the drying process.

Once your jackets are dry, you are supposed to prepare them for the conditi9ng process. The initial cleaning process is very helpful in removing dirt and other debris. You are discouraged from going directly to the conditioning process as this might lead to trapping of dirt. Any jacket which is trapped wit h dirt will have a disastrous look.


Applying conditioner

A high-quality leather conditioner is helpful in giving your leather jacket a long-term protection. A prefer conditioner should be massaged all over your jacket using a dry cloth or your hands. Stitching and seams should be given special attention since these areas are at a high risk of rotting or cracking in future. The jacket is then lest to dry overnight once the coating is applied.